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Charitable Gambling

The Osseo-Maple Grove American Legion Post 172 is not-for-profit organization which allows us to raise money through charitable gambling in order to contribute to the local community and other deserving programs. Follow this link to the location of the Osseo-Maple Grove American Legion Post 172. Stop by and say “Hi”. Enjoy some good food and drinks with friends and support our community as well as many other deserving charities while you are here.


Pulltab Sales

The Osseo-Maple Grove American Legion raises funds through lawful charitable gambling. The Osseo-Maple Grove Legion sells pulltabs in our bar area. There are usually nine games in play ranging in price from $1 to $5 per ticket; with instant prizes ranging from $2 to $1,000!!!



This game is played very similar to the concept of the game of Roulette. Players purchase betting slips which cost $1 each (minimum purchase of five). Players then place their bets in the Paddlewheel Table, which a variety of bets to choose from (like Roulette). After all bets have been placed the Operator spins the wheel; where the needle stops determines the winner(s). A winning ticket has a value of $2 up to $35; depending on where the player chose to place the wager. The wheel is open every day except Monday and Tuesday; with a double session on Saturday.



On Wednesdays at 7:00pm we play this game with is similar to Bingo… however, IT IS FREE!!! usually 10-12 games are played for merchandise prizes ranging from a FREE DRINK to prizes valued up to $50. Each week the final game, a coverall, is worth $500 if reached in the stipulated weekly number. Frequently, during Lingo, we also play a Tipboard game called Shake A Day. Each ticket costs $5 (30 tickets per game) with the winner claiming a $100 prize.



In conjunction with the Northwest Area Jaycees we host Bingo sessions on Monday evenings at 6:30pm (except some holidays). Game FOUR is coverall of $1,000 if win in the allotted number. Game SEVEN is another coverall with a value up to $2,000 in a specified number of calls. Other regular games are worth up to $200. Also on the FIRST THURSDAY of the month at 7:00pm the Jaycees host a GUARANTEED JACKPOT BINGO session with a final coverall game worth $1,000 regardless of number of calls (but 50 player minimum). In addition the Jaycees host a PURSE BINGO session the third Thursday of the month at 7:00pm. A player can claim a purse or cash if they are deemed a winner. Bingo packages for these sessions cost about $20-30; more if you wish to have more than the basic package.

Meat Raffle

Meat Raffle

On Wednesdays at 5:30pm and Saturday at 2:00pm the Osseo-Maple Grove Legion has a meat raffle in our bar area. Each round thirty numbers are sold for $1 each. Once all the numbers have been sold, a wheel containing thirty numbers is spun to determine the winner. The winner gets their choice of a $20 gift card/certificate from either Osseo Meat Market, Sipes Bros Marathon or Hyvee. The Wednesday session ends at 6:30pm; usually 18-22 games. The Saturday session is “endless” depending on the size of the crowd. We have played as late as 4:30-5:00pm. Only a year ago the Minnesota State Gambling Control Board determined ours to be the busiest MEAT RAFFLE in the state!

Additional Gaming

Minnesota Lottery Games Booth

In addition to our forms of Charitable Gambling we offer our customers the opportunity to play all the exciting LOTTERY GAMES offered by the State of Minnesota.

Community Donations

Funds raised by the Osseo-Maple Grove American Legion are donated back into the community in a variety of ways. The following is a small sampling of the things the Osseo-Maple Grove American Legion has donated money to:

  • American Legion Baseball
  • High School Scholarships
  • Beyond the Yellow Ribbon
  • Boy Scout North Star Council
  • City of Osseo
  • C.R.O.S.S.
  • Eagles Healing Nest
  • First Tee of Three Rivers Park District
  • Fisher House
  • School Safety Patrol Training
  • Boys State
  • MN Military Family Foundation
  • MN National Guard Youth Camp
  • Street/Park flags for the City of Osseo
  • Tribute to the Troops
  • Twin Cities Regional Science
  • Veterans on the Lake
  • Vietnam Veterans Memorial
  • Wreaths Across America

Donation Requests

To request a charitable donation from the Osseo-Maple Grove American Legion, please use the address below. The Osseo-Maple Grove American Legion abides by all established Rules and Regulations regarding the distribution of Charitable Gambling funds as set forth by the Minnesota Legislature and enforced by the Minnesota Gambling Control Board.

Contact Information:

Osseo-Maple Grove American Legion Post 172
Attn: Dick Kolb, Gambling Manager
260 Fourth Ave SE
Osseo, MN 55369

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